I’ve always loved to write. Though to be honest, I never really thought I had a shot at being a writer. So despite my love for words and stories, I got my degree in Health Science and Nutrition. I did, however, sneak in a creative writing course in college and loved every moment of it.

I married one of the best people I know, who happens to be Australian, and my best friend. Together we own a visual effects and animation company called Pixerati and have three very creative girls.

It’s hard not to have an imagination with these girls. In my house, mealtimes are rarely about the food itself. We are constantly thinking up characters, puns, jokes, solving riddles, and telling each other what we dreamt the night before.

You see, it isn’t just Matilda Seer who’s a dreamer. Pretty much everyone in my house is. Matilda Seer was even born from a literal dream I had. It’s why I love this series so much. I get to introduce plots and dialogue in a unique way. It also means as you’re reading, anything can materialize at any given moment.

On a more personal note, I’m an avid tea drinker. Actually, a tea snob is more like it. And I’m not talking about the herbal stuff, I like caffeine. Earl Grey is my obsession, much like Asher.

Even though I’m allergic, our family adopted a stray tuxedo cat name Willow, who appeared at our doorstep at seven weeks old, and who now has more toys than I have shoes.

Our family is also big on outreach. We partner with Isaiah’s Rock, an organization who feeds and hands out groceries to the poor. They’ve become an important part of our family.

Though we reside in California, we spend as much time as possible in Australia. We hope to one day spend equal amounts of time between the two countries. And I hope you enjoy this series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

M.D. Allen