★★★★★ “M.D. Allen writes with the skill and boldness of a seasoned author. Matilda Seer challenges its readers with a plot that has multiple levels of deception, mystique, and uncertainty. The storyline rotates between the groups that split up. I love how M.D. Allen adds details that make readers anticipate the next book. When will Carter have to choose between evil or good, what is behind the mysterious door in their room, what is the connection between Matilda and Ethan, and finally, did Lord Rafe survive the fire? The author breathes life into her characters as they each show distinct personalities and temperaments. Their mission is hampered by their lack of knowledge in a magical world. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a well-written novel that transports them into a world of magic, mystery, and suspense.” – Reviewed By Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite


“This is one of those books you can’t put down. MD Allen draws you in right from the start, as a group of unlikely companions find themselves unexpectedly transported to a different and ‘out of this world’ experience. In this first book in the series, Allen brings such a beautiful combination of teenage angst, complicated friendships and fantasy to the table – offering readers an escape from the predictable and an invitation to imagine a realm within a realm. Reading Matilda Seer will start you on a journey with a bunch of teens – as they uncover a destiny and purpose they could never have imagined for themselves. Be sure to order the next book, The Door, because by the time you finish Matilda Seer, you’ll be desperate to open the pages of the next book, to see what else awaits The Chosen.” – Jill McLachlan, author of The Curious Teacher.