This series came to life after a year of enduring great loss in my life. Several people who were very close to me died suddenly, including my mother, who was also my closest friend. The year following, I found myself grieving too much to write. Then one day I had a dream, and that’s how Matilda Seer was born.

Matilda Seer was an old project that I threw aside twelve years ago. Though I had loved the idea of the series, I hadn’t yet fallen in love or connected with the characters, and I wasn’t about to force that connection. But there I was, twelve years later, still heartbroken. Yet as I opened up my computer, I saw everything in a new light and began to write. Once I did, I couldn’t stop.

This story poured out of me faster than my fingers could type. Within ten months, I had written thirteen books and I’ve been editing them ever since. If it wasn’t for my childhood best friend Emily, I’m not sure I would have finished as fast. She read each chapter right as I finished and kept hounding me for more pages. Her constant love and fascination with these characters gave me the push and encouragement I needed to trust in what I was creating.

This series isn’t merely fantasy. It’s a beautiful love story, a story of adoption, mystery, and self-identity. Every book will take you deeper into the lives and hearts of these characters. 

The series begins with seven foster kids, who all on their sixteenth birthday find themselves yanked through a mysterious entrance that transports them to a new realm – the Inner Realm. There they meet their Watchers and are renamed according to special abilities that come to fruition on their sixteenth birthday. 

There was a time when twelve foster kids were chosen to go to the Inner Realm every year, but no Chosen have materialized through the entrance between realms in sixteen years–until now. However, only seven arrive instead of the usual twelve.

Two of the Chosen receive two names on their foreheads for the first time in history. These same two share identical birthmarks and have telepathic abilities–Matilda Seer and Ethan Shay. You’ll discover why in this series. 

Under the ‘First Chapters’ section of this site, you can read the first chapter of Matilda Seer and book two, The Door.