This series came to life after a year of enduring great loss in my life. Several people who were very close to me died suddenly, including my mother, who was also my closest friend. The year following, I found myself grieving too much to write. Then one day I had a dream, and that’s how Matilda Seer was born.

Matilda Seer was an old project that I had thrown aside twelve years ago. Though I had loved the idea of the series, I hadn’t yet fallen in love with or connected with the characters, and I wasn’t about to force that connection. But there I was, twelve years later, heartbroken, when a dream brought it back to life in my heart. As I went to write, I saw everything in a new light. Once I started writitng, I couldn’t stop.

This story poured out of me faster than my fingers could type. Within ten months, I had written thirteen books and I’ve been editing them ever since. If it wasn’t for my childhood best friend Emily, I’m not sure I would have finished as quickly as I did. She read each chapter as I finished and kept hounding me for more pages. Her constant love and fascination with these characters gave me the push and encouragement I needed to trust in what I was creating.

This series isn’t merely fantasy. It’s a beautiful love story, a story of adoption, mystery, and self-identity. Every book will take you deeper into the lives and hearts of these characters. 

I often get asked what age group this series is best suited for and my response is middle school and up. With that being said, this series is for everyone. I have had seventh graders, teenagers, twenty year olds, forty year olds, and grandmother’s read this series and tell me how much it touched them–both male and female. 

Book 3 – The Four, is one of my favorites for the ending alone. From book 3 on out, it is a wild ride that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Under the ‘First Chapters’ section of this site, you can read the first chapter of Matilda Seer and book two, The Door.