I’ve always had an obsession with names and their meanings. Have you ever stopped to think about why names have meanings? This has been the way for thousands of years and yet most of us don’t seriously consider it when naming our own children. When my daughter finished reading all thirteen books of this series, she told me she will never look at names the same again.

Take the name Carter for instance. It means transporter of materials. I can’t help but wonder where that originated from or how it came about.

This fascination with names got me thinking. Our names follow us our entire lives. What if their meanings did also? When I started thinking through this concept, I only considered meanings such as happy or fortunate, but what about the names like Carter, or Kaine–which means spear? Then there’s Kari, which means ‘gust of wind.’ And what if the meanings of our names were linked to our entire identity?

With all of those thoughts lingering in my mind, I had a dream. A literal dream. About a group of kids, who on their sixteenth birthday had a renaming ceremony, where they found out their true names, names that were linked to special abilities that suddenly came to fruition.

From there I scoured names upon names, along with their meanings. I have read through thousands of names. Adding a new character was never a simple feat, but it was fruitful. From those lists, Matilda Seer was born – a strong fighter who sees visions and has dreams. After her, Ethan Shay came to life–someone with the ability to transform his appearance, whose strength is off the charts. Then there’s probably my favorite–Asher. His name means ‘happy,’ and though his demeanor doesn’t always lend to that, he has learned the nearly impossible task of remaining centered in joy, despite suffering terrible loss. And that makes him a formidable force. When Asher laughs, his enemy stumbles.

Just like my daughter, I hope after reading this series you never look at names the same way again. 

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